Luther Center

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Use Policy

As you might expect, we need to have some rules and regulations about how folks use our facility.  This ensures we keep our facility available for everyone to use for generations (see below)
The Luther Center
We're very excited about our new edition, called "The Luther Center".  It's named after Martin Luther, Founder of the Lutheran Church.  This facility consists of a large Gathering Area, a gymnasium and a large stage.  This facility if available for our Community to use for appropriate events.  Check out the Vision 2000 link for pictures of the facility being built.
 Here are some more pictures of The Luther Center.


First English offers church buildings & equipment for use by the general public.  In order to insure minimum inconvenience and maximum satisfaction for all concerned, it is imperative that there be mutual understandings and that users comply with certain rules and regulations.

No meetings may be held without approval.

All non-church building usage should be cleared with the Facilities Coordinator.

Groups will be billed for rentals and may be required to pay in advance.

All approvals for use of the facility for a year will automatically expire the last week of June.

Rental agreements are subject to change whenever there is a conflict with FELC programs.  FELC reserves the right to cancel an approval or change the date of any approval with 10 days working days notice except in unforeseen circumstances.

FELC reserves the right to use, for any purpose, any portion of a building or of the grounds, not specifically reserved by the approval at the same time the approval is in effect.

The use of any adhesive materials on floors or other parts of the building without approval is forbidden.

Groups using the gym for athletic events must wear soft-soled shoes on gym floors.  Failure to comply with this regulation will result in the immediate cancellation of the approval. 

Any decorations shall be erected in a manner that will not be destructive of church property and the Facilities Coordinator shall approve such erection in advance.

The unauthorized use of alcohol beverages is prohibited.  The use of controlled substances and smoking is strictly prohibited on church property. 

This approval is subject to cancellation, and future approvals will be denied; in the event the applicant engages in activity in violation of the law or these rules or any other contract with FELC, or advocates the willful violation of the law, while occupying church.

Site users are expected to collect, contain and dispose of litter and debris accumulated as a result of their activity.

The use of church facilities is limited to appropriate activities in keeping with the site size and function.  Excessive noise and disturbances will not be tolerated.

In the event of cancellation, it is necessary for the user to contact the church at least 10 working days prior to cancellation.  Failure to comply will result in denial of future rental requests and loss of deposit.

Groups will be responsible for basic clean up of facility unless arrangements are secured in advance with church custodial staff at an additional fee.

Groups will be responsible for any damage to church property.

Groups will insure all lights have been turned out and doors are locked when leaving the building if building is no longer occupied.