Our Staff

Rev. Sean R. Motley


Reverend Sean Motley, our Senior Pastor, was born and raised in Thornton, Illinois, a south ¬†suburb of Chicago. ¬†He graduated from Valparaiso University in Valparaiso, Indiana, in 1989 with a B.A. in Sociology and Criminal Justice. ¬†While in college he enlisted in the United States Army Reserves and served in a reserve Ô¨Āeld artillery unit. ¬†¬†

Following college he ¬†received a scholarship to attend Kent College of Law in Chicago and in the fall of his Ô¨Ārst year, he married his wife, Colleen. ¬†In 1990, at the end of the Ô¨Ārst year of law school, Pastor Motley left law school following the call to ordained ministry and began studying at the Lutheran School of Theology at Chicago (LSTC). ¬†While attending seminary he worked with Young Life, a non‚Äźdenominational youth ministry. ¬†He graduated from LSTC in 1994 with a Master‚Äôs of Divinity degree and ¬†received his Ô¨Ārst call to Zion Lutheran Church in Tinley Park, Illinois. ¬†He was ordained that summer. ¬†Rev. Motley remained in his Ô¨Ārst call until 1998 when he received a call to Trinity ¬†Lutheran Church, Waupaca, Wisconsin. ¬†Rev. Motley and his wife had two children born to them while living in Illinois, Nathaniel in 1995 and Aaron in 1997. ¬†Their third son, Joshua was born while living in Waupaca in 1999. ¬†In 2006, Rev. Motley accepted a call to serve at Immanuel Lutheran Church in Wausau, Wisconsin, where he served before coming to First English in August, 2015. Rev. Motley and his family enjoy playing board games together, bowling, playing tennis, watching movies and playing with their dog. ¬†He also enjoys weightlifting, reading, chocolate and working on his cars.¬†

Renata Conger


Renata Conger is our Parish Education & Youth Ministry Coordinator.  She is committed to encouraging parents and members to actively support youth of all ages in their Christian faith journey.  Her ministry includes baptisms, Preschool bible lessons, Spark Church (our version of Sunday School), Vacation Bible School, middle school catechism classes, high school Youth Group, and various trips and events held annually.  (Renata@feelc.org)

Robert Foster

Robert Foster, Music Coordinator, is our excellent organist and director for our vocal choirs and Jr. High handbell choir.  Bob has both his Bachelors and Master’s Degree in Music from the University of Michigan. (Bob@feelc.org)

Sue Vallone

Sue Vallone is our office manager and building coordinator. (Sue@feelc.org)